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Contoh Surat Perkenalan Perusahaan (Introduce Letter)

Jaman sekarang apabila berbisnis lebih baik kita harus jemput bola, pake proposal juga bisa, tapi biasanya ribet karena banyak tulisan, lebih efektifnya mungkin surat penawaran atau istilahnya quotation. Sebelum membuat quotation alangkah baiknya memberi surat perkenalan atau introduction letter kepada pembeli (buyer). berikut contoh surat perkenalan yang dikutip dari kaskus.

contoh introduction:
Jl. ABC Jakarta Pusat No 112 DKI Jakarta Indonesia Tel/Fax. +62 21 20012; e-mail: info@xyzcompany.com
================================================== ===============================

Messrs. Essence Co,Ltd # 03-05 Beach Road Trading Building No. 14 Lausden Netherlaand

Dear Sir/Madam,
Subject: Supplier Of Patchouli Oil

Kindly allow us to introduce our company as one of agriculture exporter in Indonesia since 1998 especially in patchouli oil product. We have own processing and plantation in Indonesia. To ensure the consistency and quality of our raw materials, we own, manage and oversee our plantations. Being one of most fertile growing region in the world, the tropical rainforest optimum climate provides a long, multiple crop growing season.

We are dedicated to the cultivation of "quality select" hybrids, proper growing methods, and the use of innovative land management techniques to optimize crop yield, product quality, active ingredients, and production supply to meet growing customer demand.

To guarantee our product quality and consistency, we employs in house quality control laboratory as well as services of independent analytical firms. This strict adherence to product quality allows us to certify all our products are within our customer contract specifications.
In 2007, we are successfully marketing our products in USA, Germany and France.

XYZ company presently exports patchouli oil with our standard 30% to 34% patchouli alcohol content from three regions of Indonesia; northern Sumatra, western Sumatra and Central Java and our annual production target is about 100 ton in 2008.
In case you need information,please do not hesitate to contact our office through the aboven mentioned address or please visit to our website at http://www.xyzcompany.com.

Sincerely yours, XYZ Company
Favian Ivan Export Manager
Rudies Archives 05-08 GTN

dan kalau ada balesan, kita bales pake quotation mungkin kurang lebih contohnya seperti ini :

contoh introduction:

kop surat

Dear Mr. Hossain
January 11, 2008
Subject: Our Export Quotation For Whole Betel Nut
Thank you very much for your interest in importing our betel nut, we have the pleasure to send herewith our offer with the following terms and conditions:
Commodities Specification Quantity Price Minimum order Payment
Packing Loading port Destination port Insurance Shipment
: Whole betel nut : Good cutting 75%, moisture 5 %, free fungus : 100 MT/month : USD. 630.00/MT CNF Singapore port : 1X20’FCL : Irrevocable L/C at sight through HSBC or other
prime banks in our favour : Gunny bags @ 80 Kg net weight : Belawan Medan port Indonesia : Singapore port : Covered by buyer : February 27, 2008
We trust this terms do hope you will place free of charge for your perusal without any obligations.
and conditions will meet your requirements and a trial order and we can also send you a sample
We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to establish a mutual profitable business relationship with your company.

Best Regards
Export Marketing Manager

untuk memudahkan mencari buyer, bisa kita lakukan dengan cara googling, atau bisa juga di web B2B seperti alibaba.com, ec21.com,ecplaza.net dan lain-lain di situ biasanya potential buyer pada ngumpul dari mulai retailer sampe whosaler, nah untuk source data whosales bisa juga ambil dari http://www.wholesalecentral.com/ atau http://www.wholesalepages.co.uk/

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